Chelsea to meet Manchester City

Chelsea ones again meets Manchester City in the Carabao finals on 24th February 2019 after meeting Spurs on penalties.

The Blues had a successful win after beating Tottenham on 2 goals to 1 making the aggregate 2:2 which sent them to Penalties.

Kante and Hazard where the player to hit the net for Chelsea in the first half whiles Llorente came early in the next half to net the ball for Spurs. Chelsea beat them in the Penalties by 4 goals to 2 which sent them all the way to face Manchester City who won on the 23rd January 2019 by a goal scored by their forward Aguero.

As to who wins the Carabao cup this 2019 stand on 24th Febuary 2019 as The Blues meets Man City in the final which seems to be their first time to meet in a leauge cup final.


Hazard is not a Leader

Maurizio Sarri, the head coach of Chelsea insists that Chelsea’s play maker Eden Hazard is not a leader. At a conference after the shocking deafeat of Chelsea to Arsenal, Sarri said Eden Hazard is a good player and can be said to be one of best players in the world. But he said for now he is not a leader but just an individual player, even though he could make miracles for a win for Chelsea just in a minute or two.

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